Can some1 tell me how it is that these people got all these dolls!!


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OK... im a lil p od.... How is it that soo many people tried to get just one of these dolls (to collect) and this person on ebay ( (that will sell for im sure over a 100 a piece) Has about 10!!! to sell and make a profit. I thought first off that is was only one per customer... Im a member of macpro and went on line right away and they were out of stock. So how is it..unless maybe they have family that work for the co...that one could get a hold of so may??!!! errr Sorry just had to vent a lil,


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Ugh. And I thought the postcard hoarding is shitty [people who crab like 10 of those postcards that come with a collection and then sell them], sucks for the people who actually wanted the damn doll.

I wonder if there was a limit for how many dolls one can buy, if someone went to the store the minute it opened and bought all the dolls they had, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't allow you to?


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Well it wouldn't actually have to be that hard. If you live in an area with a few freestanding stores - you get a few people together and go to each store and buy one each. My area has 4 f/s stores within half an hour. Plus throw in if you happen to be up and barbiecollector which didn't have a limit. You could rake in quite a few.

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It's like any hot item. People strategically have plans to hoard, like people who bought several PS3's, kept one, and sold the rest on Ebay. They have family members go help. I'm not sure how hot the Barbies were flying off the shelf, but if they weren't going to sell out in minutes but by the end of the day, one can visit several shops and buy them that way.


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Yeah it's annoying as crap. But at the same time it's fun to watch the market happening. The oversaturation on ebay has made the price go way down from $150 to about $60-$75


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I wish I could grab one of the MAC barbies but they have only been released in the US. Does anyone know when they will release them in the UK. We just finally got the MSF Skinfinish and that has been out in the US for quite awhile now.

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