can someone help me out please?


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hello girls.

tomorrow i am going to mac to get some lip glosses. i have never been into them that much but after seeing all the FOTD in here i am dying to get my collection going.

any recommendations?


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I like...

-- Nymphette
-- Petal Pusher
-- Instand Gold
-- Uber Peach c/g
-- C-Thru
-- Tanchromatique c/g


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Originally Posted by bottleblack
i've never been a lipgloss girl either until i tried Spring Brean - it's so awesome!

I 2nd this and Nymphette (such a gorgeous gold-tinged pink!). Definitely check out Viva Glam 5 Lipglass. It looks great on everyone and matches any make-up look. Also you would look gorgeous in Ornamental (sultry bronzed red), Star Nova (deep goldish plum), and Sinnamon (my HG lipgloss for everyday). hth!


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any c/g if you can still find them,i think c/g are amazing. I just went to the mac store in LA, and they still had tons left. i have fallen in love with them and i have backups.

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