Can you find the MAC e/s in the pic?


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After I got my hair dyed I went to MAC to get me a black e/'s Carbon!

But after that I had to go to IKEA to find some stuff for a friend's birthday and I came home with a lot of stuff for me and my mom (only those little buckets and night-lights are for my friend)

So I got:


* two Dragonflies with a LED for my mom
* two night-light holders for my mom again because she always complains that she can't find any decent stuff for her turquoise dining room :roll:
* a big white mug.... for my cocoa, I like my cocoa big!

* a beaker type of jar for my Lipglasses/Lustreglasses and Glitter Eye Liners and they fit perfectly

* batteries for my digital camera
* and a plush rat to make fun of my mom tomorrow when she tries to hunt down some voles in our yard!
("Oh look what's in the trap!"
I can't wait for that moment!)

* and of course the Carbon e/s (anybody who found it can give itself a pat on the back!


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Holy cow, I thought that was a real rat. My god. It took a few glances for me to realize that it's just a stuffed thingie!! Gaaaah ew.

I spy with my little eye a black mac-pro e/s container!! Below 2 blue nightlights, and above that long white mug.


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holy crap! i almost fainted after seeing the rat too! it looks so real.... only on the 2nd glance did i see the white tag thingy stuck to it.. lol!!