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Beauty Industry is diverse and large as it differs in regions of the world. In Africa, the Makeup industry is big and growing as an exceptional rate which have given people opportunities to build a career in the industry. A beauty service such as tanning is not recognised likewise some other services in Africa specifically Nigeria where I lived for over 3 decades of my life. However, moving to a developed country, Australia to be precised there are more beauty services that are recognised, I will like to have opinions on Beauty Career opportunities that are available in different countries of the world. Let’s discuss this and share your thoughts.


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Yes! there are vast option in the Beauty industry in the Development countries like in Canada. Hair styling, makeup learning tips and tricks. there are several colleges and academy where one can take the Makeup lesson in Toronto and Become a Makeup artist.


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There is also the Fashion industry, and the Film and Television industry that hires a lot of hair and make-up artists.