cateye stripes on otherwise simple look


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You can see the bottom of one of my perfectly straight eyebrows... they grow in such a way that there's no room to make an arch. It's rather unfortunate. :\

It wore off and formed creases, since I took the pictures after I got back from school and I've been wearing it all day. I would have taken pictures of it this morning when it was all fresh looking, but I didn't have time.

Since I don't have any pictures of my whole face, here's a picture where you can see my face. You can't see the makeup, but just so you'll know what I look like:


There'll be more later, since I'm going to be in a school choir concert tonight and I'll take off my current makeup and do something else.


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i love your outfit
and your makeup is gorgeous! and honey, don't worry about your brows haha, it think we ALL have something we don't like about our own brows

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