CCB in Nude = Nubile PP replacement? (used for bronzing)


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So, I've been searching the internet high and low, but so far... nada.

I've been neglecting my Nubile PP ever since it came out and in an effort to pan it I've found it makes for a great bronzer on my pale, neutral skin - it's a peachy-rosy beige with a slight satiny sheen. Thing is, I'm running out and obviously can't replace it since it was LE. I already have a CCB in Hush and while it's great, it's too frosty for a bronzer and not long-lasting enough. The Makeupalley reviews on CCB Nude however indicate that the texture is supposedly denser and thicker.

I don't have a MAC Pro Store around, so I would need to order CCB Nude online. Is there a chance it might be a good replacement? Of course I'm also open to suggestions from other brands, if there are any.

Thanks! :flower:

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