CCO haul


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Here is what I got from my CCO this past Saturday;


Idol Eyes e/s, Smoking Eyes quad, Shadowy Lady quad

I can't CP Smoking Eyes, I got the only one my CCO had!


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You did great! This makes me want to go check my CCO out like tomorrow. Ha! Idol Eyes is such a pretty e/s.


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OMG!!! they had smoking eyes quad!!!! Fabulous find!!! Tell your CCo they need to send a smoking eyes quad to Texas to my CCO...stat LOL ....


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Great Haul!

Originally Posted by TISH1124
Next to Nothing (Frost), Satin Taupe (Frost), Showstopper (Matte) and Smoking (V).

Showstopper is coming out in one of the upcoming collections

My favorite quad ever

Showstopper comes out atleast once a year either in a palette or quad, lol
I swear it's like MAC's go to color.
The quad not a fav of mine but I have either the color or a close dupe of the quad 3 or 4 times over so that's why


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Originally Posted by peek_a_b0o
May I ask how much you paid for each of the quads? Just so I can kill myself quietly to ebay prices

they were $24.50 each


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the smokey eye quad is to die for wish my CCO would of had that in I got Idol eyes to the last time I was at my CCO love it.

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