Cell Phones?


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I've been looking for a new phone lately and I'm trying to decide which one to get so I was wondering if anyone here has had a voyager or a venus? Idk which one to get or if either of those are good.
Im at a loss. They're the same price so I can't rule either of them out by that either, ha. I would love to hear any input! thanks!

oh and if this is the wrong place to post feel free to move sorry I didn't know where to put this thread!


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My bestie has the Voyager and my brother and sil have the venus, and I like both of them! Personally if I had to choose tho, I'd get the venus, cause I'm not too much of a fan of touch screens and the voyager is more touch than the venus.. I hope that all makes sense. loll.


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the voyager!! Fun to use and the QWERTY keyboard is so convenient. It's a great phone, worth the money!


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thanks for the replies! I think I may be more leaning toward a voyager just because of the keyboard but I will see.