Chanel Items Being Discontinued (and previously discontinued)


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To Be Discontinued: (aka buy backup(s) if you love them) All of the Holiday 2014 collection All of the Holiday 2013 collection 102 Sensation Single Eyeshadow 94 Eclaire Single Eyeshadow Smoky Grey Stylo Yeux Waterproof Taupe Stylo Yeux Waterproof 160 Preface Pressed Powder Frivole Joues Contraste Vivacite Joues Contraste Canaille Joues Contraste 185 Hello Glossimer 175 Savage Grace Glossimer (Chanel is crazy) 176 Crushed Cherry Glossimer (Chanel is crazy) 367 Intrigue Glossimer 63 Pagoda Glossimer (Chanel is crazy) 124 Ambigue Rouge ALlure 132 Impulsive Rougel ALlure 134 Audacieuse Rouge Allure 217 Radieuse Rouge Allure 09 Organdi Rose Rouge Coco (Chanel is crazy) 10 Camelia Rouge Coco 11 Legende Rouge Coco (Chanel is crazy) 117 Magnolia Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli Rouge Coco (Chanel is crazy) 25 Vendome Rouge Coco 48 Paradis Rouge Coco 57 Mystique Rouge Coco 60 Triomphe Rouge Coco 86 Instict Rouge Coco Shine 88 Esprit Rouge Coco Shine 90 Mutine Rouge Coco Shine 92 Emotion Rouge Coco Shine 68 Rose Poudre Lip Liner 69 Rose Ardente Lip Liner 559 Frenzy Vernis 575 Starlet Vernis 591 Alchemie Vernis 593 Rose Moire Vernis (Chanel is crazy) 595 Rouge Moire Vernis 613 Eastern Light Vernis 515 Sweet Lilac Vernis 619 Pink Tonic Vernis 677 Rouge Rubis Vernis The entire Le Blanc skincare range (it has been redone) Hydramax mask (Hydra Beauty mask replacing it soon) Recently Discontinued: (aka they'll be gone soon) All of the Extrait de Glosses (Insouciance, Genie, Imaginaire, Insolence, Emoi, Exces, Fatale, Merveille, Reflexion, Controvery) Poesie Quad 629 Atmosphere Vernis 189 Rose Reve Glossimer 191 Songe Glossimer 95 Furtif Single Eyeshadow PREVIOUSLY DISCONTINUED: Dunes Les 4 Ombres Raffinement Les 4 Ombres Rose de Mai Ombre Essentiele All Beige Ambre Shades of Perfection Lumiere All Mat Lumiere 367 Intrigue Glossimer 92 Secrete Rouge Allure 114 Preciesue Rouge Allure 124 Ambigue Rouge Allure 132 Impulsive Rouge Allure 134 Audacieuse Rouge Allure 217 Radieuse Rouge Allure 317 La Precieuse Rouge Allure Velvet 70 Sourire Rouge Coco Shine Gourmandise Rouge Coco Shine 86 Instinct Rouge Coco Shine Les 4 Ombres 38 PREMIER REGARD  Stylo Yeux Waterproof GRENAT  Joues Contraste FLEUR DE LOTUS  Joues Contraste 84 ACCENT Tweed Blush 70 BRUN ROSE  Rouge Allure 109 ROUGE NOIR  Rouge Coco Shine CANOTIER  Rouge Coco Shine 85 SECRET  Aqua Lip Crayon CHOCOLATE  Le Vernis COSMIC  Essential BRUSH GIFT SET Le Crayon Yeux BLEU AERIEN ROUTE DES INDES DE CHANEL Ombre Essentiele ROSE FAVORITE Ombre Essentiele 101 GRI GRI Ombre Essentiele BLACK STAR Ombres Matelassees PEARL RIVER Les 4 Ombres ENIGMA Les 4 Ombres REGARD PERLE Les 4 Ombres LAGONS Les 4 Ombres LILIUM Les 4 Ombres 42 SEDUCTION Les 4 Ombres VANITES Duo Eyeshadow GRIS-SUBTIL Stylo Eyeshadow 07 MOON RIVER Stylo Eyeshadow 17 COOL GOLD Stylo Eyeshadow 27 PINK LAGOON Stylo Eyeshadow 37 JADE SHORE Stylo Eyeshadow 47 BLUE BAY Stylo Eyeshadow 57 BLACK STREAM Stylo Yeux Waterproof 102 BERYL Stylo Yeux Waterproof TRUE BLUE Illusion d'Ombre 86 EBLOUI Illusion d'Ombre RIVIERE Illusion d'Ombre 89 VISION Illusion d'Ombre APPARITION Illusion d'Ombre DESTINATION Inimitable Waterproof 27 ZEST Inimitable Waterproof 47 AQUA BLUE Inimitable Waterproof 57 BLUE NOTE Poudre Douce PECHE TENDRE Poudre Douce ROSE Creme Blush de Chanel 62 PRESAGE Creme Blush de Chanel 64 INSPIRATION Creme Blush de Chanel 66 FANTASTIC MOUCHE DE BEAUTE ILLUMINATING PWDR POUDRE SIGNEE DE CHANEL Joues Contraste 70 TUMULTE Joues Contraste DELICE Tweed Effect Blush TWEED PINK Tweed Effect Blush TWEED ROSE Soleil Tan de Chanel DESERT CORAIL Soleil Tan de Chanel TERRE EPICE Soleil Tan de Chanel TERRE AMBRE Soleil Tan de Chanel DESERT BRONZE Rouge Double Intensite SANDSTONE Rouge Double Intensite RUBY LITE Rouge Double Intensite ROSESTONE Rouge Double Intensite ALEXANDRITE Rouge Double Intensite ALMANDINE Glossimer BONBON Glossimer CORAL LOVE Glossimer ARAGONITE Glossimer 156 PAMPILLE Glossimer 158 BRAISE Glossimer PETILLANT Glossimer BAGATELLE Glossimer 377 ZEPHYR Glossimer 427 ENVOLEE Glossimer 437 EDEN Glossimer ROSE SAND Glossimer SUNDRESS Aqualumiere GLOSS ALIZE Aqualumiere GLOSS ROSELIN Aqualumiere GLOSS FRIANDISE Aqualumiere GLOSS FRENCH TOFFEE Rouge Allure 105 INIMITABLE Rouge Allure FLAMBOYANTE Rouge Allure 89 GRACILE Rouge Allure 95 ENJOUEE Rouge Allure ROUGE BYZANTINE Rouge Allure 112 FANTASQUE Rouge Allure VELVET 327 LA DESIREE Rouge Allure VELVET LC 39 LA SOMPTUEUSE Rouge Allure VELVET LC 41 L'EXQUISE Rouge Allure GLOSS IMAGINAIRE Rouge Allure GLOSS IMPERTINENCE Rouge Allure GLOSS FATALE Rouge Allure GLOSS 70 ATTIRANCE Rouge Coco 02 PERLE Rouge Coco 06 EGERIE Rouge Coco 08 LA PAUSA Rouge Coco 13 GARDENIA Rouge Coco 23 ROUGE ORAGE Rouge Coco 26 VENISE Rouge Coco 35 CHINTZ Rouge Coco 38 SUPERSTITION Rouge Coco 43 AVANT GARDE Rouge Coco 77 JERSEY ROSE Rouge Coco 78 PEREGRINA Rouge Coco 79 PLUMETIS Rouge Coco Shine EMPREINTE Rouge Coco Shine 457 IDYLLE Rouge Coco Shine 467 PYGMALION Rouge Coco Shine UNIQUE Rouge Coco Shine ELISE Rouge Coco Shine REBELLE Rouge Coco Shine CAVALIERE Rouge Coco Shine BEL-AMI Rouge Coco Shine STYLE Rouge Coco Shine MELBA Lip Definer BEIGE Lip Definer 46 CORALLINE Le Vernis ROUGE NOIR Le Vernis Délicatesse (Pink) Le Vernis EASTERN LIGHT Le Vernis WESTERN LIGHT Le Vernis MAGIC Le Vernis IMPERIAL Le Vernis VENDETTA Le Vernis ROUGE FATAL Le Vernis ROSE CONFIDENTIEL Le Vernis PARADOXAL Le Vernis PEARL DROP Le Vernis BLACK PEARL Le Vernis 529 GRAPHITE Le Vernis 561 SUSPICIOUS Le Vernis 569 EMPRISE Le Vernis 571 FRACAS Le Vernis 647 LILIS Le Vernis 657 AZURE Le Vernis 667 BEL-ARGUS Velvet Top Coat Double Mirror Travel Makeup Palette


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Refinement is one of my HG quads. I'm so sad it's being DCed. I hate to back it up at $60, as I never finish anything. But I will cry when it's gone


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Thank you! I now plan to visit my local Chanel counter after work tomorrow. There are a couple items on the list that I have put off buying.


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Refinement is one of my HG quads. I'm so sad it's being DCed. I hate to back it up at $60, as I never finish anything. But I will cry when it's gone

I agree. I use it all the time. However, I am confident the new quads will have one just as good...I hope.


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Must go buy a backup of creme blush in inspiration, found this to finally replace my beloved narcisse JC and now this is discontinued too?! It always seems to be my hg products! Thanks for the heads up


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"Pagoda", "Legende" and "Organdi Rose" Rouge Coco? Chanel IS crazy! These are such popular and flattering shades. It just seems like yesterday that the Rouge Coco's were launched. Ay! Thank you for updating this list for us Teger!


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Hi, I'm new

Rouge noir nail polish discontinued?

I must get another one as soon as possible!


This list is absolutely ridiculous... are they crazy!?
Thanks for the list though. I will have to buy some extrait de gloss "backups" because I really don't like the new formula.. even though I hate buying backups.

Also, the Raffinement quad is already no longer on the US Chanel site.. guess they sold out.

Maris Crane

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sad to read about this one, but if nothing else: this list at least inspires me to pull untouched Chanel stuff I haven't used in awhile.

big mistake, though.


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Legende... :crybaby: :eyelove:  sad to read about this one, but if nothing else: this list at least inspires me to pull untouched Chanel stuff I haven't used in awhile.  big mistake, though. 
Ok so they are relaunching rouge coco next year and some of those shades being discontinued will be rereleased.


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Hi !! Do you know what will replace the Beige Ambre shades. This is awful news for me bc my shade is chopped. This unfortunately has cut out many shades for Women of color. Smh.


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So sad about Rouge Coco in Egerie being discontinued. One of my favourite lipsticks to wear with a bronzey smoky eye. :(

Have to ration mine!!

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