Chanel Mat Lumiere


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Has anyone tried this foundation yet ...I am really wanting to try this hehe ...

I know I need to try to get matched but I won't be anywheres near a counter that sells this for a few months.

if you have tried this ..or know about this product ..what shade or shades would u reccomend i try ..In Mac I am NC25.


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I tried a sample in Beige 2.0. Personally, I prefer the Satin Smoothing Creme Compact foundation. It has more sun protection and I think a smoother finish. You can ask for samples at the counter.
The Mat Lumiere did not provide too much coverage, which is one thing I was looking for. Hope that helped


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i was colour matched 05.faience in the foundation and it looks awful!!! it was sooooo yellow and made me look paler than i already am (mac nw20). it has a really strong fragrance to it as well which i really didnt like. the coverage was ok and it did give a nice matte finish but overall this foundation just wasnt for me, ive decided to stick to my studio fix fluid! hth

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