Channelling my inner Irish


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This week was the first week of the "shift swap" between my husband and his B mechanic, so he's working nights, and I get to sleep in! Actually had a chance to do my hair and make-up today before delving into Blue's Clues and dirty diapers lol. Don't get me wrong, I want hubby back on day shift cause my dinners taste like chewed up cat shit (just as my dog, she would know!) but I'm enjoying the chance to chill out in the mornings.

On another note, this is my last week of college, then finals week is next week. I shall be a college graduate (Associate's) in just two short weeks. YAY! Only took me four years, a pregnancy, and two moves lol.

Here's my look today.







I used:

Covergirl Freshlook Foundation in Ivory
SMM mineral foundation mixed with Bare Minerals in Fairly Light
Este Lauder blush "Cuppocino?"
Revlon blush in pink (don't remember name)
Clinique touch base on eyes
Golders Green Piggie
Emerald Green Piggie
Some yellow e/s from an old pallete
CG Big Lash Mascara in black
White e/s for highlight (Sally Girl brand)
Pink LipLiner (I think it's Jordana) Baby Dreams
Wet N Wild Lip gloss in Cherry Glaze
Wet N Wild Lip gloss in Cherish

I didn't do my brows cause they always end up too dark for a light application. You may notice in the 2nd pic, since I didn't do them, that the edge of my right brow is missing. Got hot glue stuck in it and tried to pull it out. Ended up pulling out the brows too! Gah!

Well. That's it.


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This is soft & beautiful. I love this. I like the subtlety, but it's still a definite pop of color. This is a new favorite FOTD!