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I placed an order on Cherry Culture on the 22nd June and my order has been stuck at 'review' status for the last 3 days. I tried contacting them on the customer service number several times but every single time call just directly went to a voice mail. I emailed them because I failed to receive an order confirmation by email in which I also addressed the the time it was taking to process my order and finally, I received an email from them today and this is what it said:

Please note that your order is under review. To assist us with the payment verification and ensure a faster processing time, please follow the instructions below:

Payments by Credit Card:

Please provide a front and back copy of the credit card used for this order. For security purposes, please cover credit card number leaving visible only the last 4 numbers of the card for identification purpose.

I don't understand why they require a scanned copy of my credit card especially since the money has already been debited from my account? Shouldn't any verification procedures be carried out prior to payment? I have since looked them up and discovered that several people have been requested anything from a copy of their credit card to photo id's to ensure speedy processing of their orders and usually after the money is debited. This seems very strange and suspicious to me. In addition to this, I can't cancel my order and request a refund as they only do store credit. which, if they create problems like this, is useless. I wish I had looked into this website more before I placed my order but I had heard only good things about them from friends. I most certainly won't be placing an order with them ever again!

If anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice about what I should do next please let me know. I have never experienced a situation like this before. As an online shopper, I am aware of the risks that I take but I feel cherry culture's verification process as such is putting me in more risk and making me very uncomfortable.


There must be some error with charging your card because it happened to me as well but i could sort it out through contacting the bank. It was some issue with the permission that bank has for other merchants to charge from the Visa. Hope it worked for you though its an old thread but i thought of replying to it because of having similar issue in the past.

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