Cheryl (Shiny eyes)


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does anyone on here know if she is ok??? I tried emailing her but no response...her makeup site is closed due to her illness...thanks


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Thanks for thinking of me:) It's been real tough past 3 years, I actually just got out of the hospital, I was in the ICU very ill and almost didnt make it this time. This time I signed a DNR for my poor body is so tired and has been through enough and I'm finally at peace with it and it's time for my soul to be free. I had sepsis from a invasive test 2 weeks prior, my b/p was 45/56, 3 blood infections, organs failing and went into a-fib, had surgery and thats on-top of my daily disorders/diseases I live with. I've been home 2 weeks and now have another infection in my soft tissue under my skin on both feet so I might be going back into the hospital tomorrow, I'm hoping they will allow me to stay home and get treatment. I have a nurse, P/T and 3 other medical people that come by weekly so hopefully they will be able to take care of it. Some of the blood infections my still be active but I'm letting nature takes it's course as long as I'm not in to much pain. I'm excepting IV treatment like antibiotic but thats about it. When I went into a-fib I wouldnt let them use the paddles only medication via a injection to get the heart going again. The people in ICU are great, they dont leave your side during there whole shift and the whole hospital staff in all departments where great. I never thought I could have so many IV's, pik lines and different IV bags going into me.

I do miss my business but mainly my customers since so many where my friends, I got to know so many great people all over the world. I got heavy metal toxity from working 10 years at a tool grinding company (1986-1996) inhaling metal dust on a daily basis, wearing a mask wasnt required. so when I started my own business and worked with the metallics the last year (made some real great colors:) my body was to sensitive for it but atleast thats how we got that diagnosis figured out. Since it was so long ago the damage is done. Many diseases have been found since the original "adrenal Insuff", if that was the only issue my life would be a different story right now.

I hope all is well with you and thanks again so much for asking about me, it means a lot. Someone told me about your post so I had to email specktra since I lost my password. I wanted to answer you myself instead of my mom who use to do my health updates for me.

I was hoping to get well enough to sell of the rest of my line and some samples of some rare MAC I have left but that wont be possible. It's too bad someone doesnt live close to me who knows the business and can do it for me.

I havent seen any emails from you but my computer did crash a short while back and I lost everything. I had around 1000 emails from being in the hospital, lost all my email address's, documents, everything. That could be why I didnt get your email.

I still have Kenna, she is still hanging in there too:) my folks are taking care of her for me until I get stronger and this new infection treated, hopefully she will be home in a week or 2. My P/T and I are working on ways that will make taking care of her easier and safer for me.

I'll try and check in when I can and please feel free to email me again:)


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*WAVING FRANTICALLY AT CHERYL* HEY glad I finally got to hear from you..OMG u are going thru so much girl..The DNR..only you and God knows ur body I didn't like reading that part cause I don't know u personally but only thru the internet that brought tears to my eyes...

wow so u worked at tool grinding company for 10 years and they never bothered to inform the employees to wear a filter mask? wow..

I kept thinking about you over and over again. Going to your website to see if I could email you and see how you're doing? Even googling had to know how you were doing. So finally I came here and made this thread to see if anyone here had any news of your health.

I am so thrilled someone got a hold of you to let you know of this thread..

gonna p.m. you...

I keep praying for you Cheryl..Love DeeDee


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Cheryl -
Glad to see you update us! I've been wondering how you were doing.
Take care my friend!!