chrome yellow discontinued?


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ohh, the counter i go to still has a lot of chrome yellow. but i think that colour is too bright for me anyway....


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check out the mac site, all the shadows with a triangle of death are going to be discontinued


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Well - I've asked at my mac store (KC) and a pro store (Vegas) and they both say that Chrome Yellow is not going to be discontinued.
I think I also asked about a couple of others and they acted like I was nuts!


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I thought the triangle just meant a limited time? Does it also mean soon to never be available?


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MAC MA information can't always be trusted. Alot of times the employees at the counters are the last to hear about company product changes. Unless they counter manager is kept really up to date on his/her company memos and passes that info along to all of his/her staff. (you could see how that might get a little sketchy)

Freestanding stores are better, but usually you can get really good information and direct answers from PRO store staff or PRO artists.

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