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:hide: I randomly logged into my Spring account to find a 20% coupon...Guess what I ordered?! :blush: I wasn't going too, but my poor, very old Clarins Bronzer really needs replacing!

I also ordered a Honey Lip Comfort Oil. I upped my lip care game recently and my lips have never been healthier!
:thumbsup:and...the CT Tell Laura lippie I've been lusting over...:scram:


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Swatches of the Sunkissed Bronzing & Blush ~ L-R = Top - Bottom of palette
And still I refuse to part with my other ancient bronzer...because it is a bit darker and works great as a contour...


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their new everlasting cushion foundation is incredible. medium coverage but it can be sheered out too, beautiful glowy finish and so moisturizing. perfect for normal to dry skin and for winter. i am so in love with it


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Clarins Water Lip Stains on ommorphiabeautybar :)


I really like Orange Water and Red Water...but I am afraid the stain will dry out my lips.
Which is what happened when I tried the Comfort Lip oils :(


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I haven't really been a fan of colored mascara, but that gold looks like it would actually show up nicely. The red Givenchy one also caught my eye this year. RED...of all things!

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