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Please review the Specktra.Net Swaps/Sell TOS!

Your use of this forum expresses that you have read it.

Forum Guidelines:

  • Users with under 50 posts and who have been registered for less than 30 days will not have access to view or use the clearance bin.
  • Every member is allowed one (1) FOR SALE ad and one (1) WANT AD. It is up to you to notify the Clearance Bin Moderator that you have a thread you'd like removed before starting a new one.
  • Duplicate threads will be deleted, and you will be given an infraction. The system operates off of "points" 1 point is earned per infraction. An infraction is a term used for a post that is in violation of a forum guideline. 3 points will earn a "time out" period of 7 days. 10 points will result in a permanent ban.
  • No links out to offsite sales/swap lists or pictures [this includes blog sales, eBay, Live Journal & Swapidu links]. Lists & pictures must be posted on Specktra. [It is okay to reference feedback from other websites] Posts containing such will be edited and an infraction will be given.
  • Specktra Staff do not get involved in transactions between users. This is at your own risk swap/sell/purchase.
  • No promoting sales/swap threads outside of the CB and signature areas. This applies to all areas of the forum.
  • You may ONLY bump your OWN thread once every 24 hours. If you violate these terms, you will be issued an infraction. (Bump refers to when you reply to your own thread, moving it back to the top of the forum)
  • If you sell your item/s, or would like to make a new thread, please PM the Clearance Bin Moderator or an Administrator with your removal request. Please remember to include a link to your thread with the request.
  • If you need to edit your threads content, click on the ‘pencil’ on the lower part of your thread. From there, you can add/remove what you wish. When you are finished, you can click 'Preview' to preview what your post will look, or click 'Submit' and that will save the changes you have made. ​
  • ​​To edit the title, please PM the Clearance Bin Moderator with a link to your sale/want ad thread and what you would like your new title to be.
  • Items that can be offered for sale are limited to: Fashion, Clothing & Cosmetic/Beauty items only (no replica/counterfeit) - ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE ANIMALS, NO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS/LENSES ALLOWED.
  • ALL Clearance Bin thread titles must include where they will ship to. e.g. US Shipping Only, Ships anywhere, etc.
  • Since staff DOES NOT get involved in swapping/selling disputes, PLEASE get to know your swapper/buyer BEFORE you finalize a transaction with them. Ask for feedback, check them out!
  • Feedback is strictly for leaving feedback for sales/swaps made within Specktra. You may not leave feedback if someone chooses not to swap with you or is unable to swap, it must be for an actual sale/swap. Any feedback marks that are not due to a sale/swap or are retaliatory will be removed by staff at our discretion. Please leave feedback in the appropriate place and NOT in the sale thread. (feedback coming soon)
  • The use of this forum expresses that you have read and agree to the Specktra.Net Sales/Swaps TOS terms

General note of interest for our Clearance Bin users:

Please consider invoicing your customers via Paypal vs. accepting payment via Friends & Family.
Fees to Send and Receive Money – PayPal US
PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers – PayPal US
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