Clinton, CT CCO (Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets)

the forgotten cco

since its the closest one to me and i was just there last friday, i figured i'd update ya on it...

-updated: feb 28, 2010-

(note: this is all i really remember -_- i'll put a * next to the ones that have more than what i listed)

eyeshadows: blue flame, star by night, pagan, pen n pink, brown script, post haste, soft flower, femme fi, evening aura, bitter, time and space, night manoeuvres, aquavert, bold n brazen, et tu bouquet, henna, knight, talent pool, vibrant grape, tempting, paradisco, of summer, mink pink, signed sealed, mont black, glamour check, sunset b, dear cupcake

Me/s: odd couple, sea & sky, odd couple, persuasive, inter-view, word of mouth, engaging, family silver, two to glow, earthly riches

pigments: mutiny, mauvement, cocomotion, lovely lily, gold stroke, gold mode (one left), mega rich, jardin aires

glitters: only reflects blackened red

lipsticks: lollipop lovin, fresh brew, big bow, strayin, fashion mews, coral polyp, kanga rouge, sweet thing, noveau-frou, vanity's child, way to love, marquise d, fast thrill, made with love, sci-fi delity, eager, rozz revival, electro, sun sonic, astral, blow dry, jest, crazee, what a do!, sparks can fly, antiqui-tease, creme ceris, mellow mood, honey flower, ahoy there!, chili, cosmo, chintz on chintz

the black with purple grease paint stick

liners (pearlglides, powerpoints, etc): light as air, phone me/text me, foxy lady, molasses, fly-by-blu, black funk/pop blue, black russian

*dazzleglasses: euro beat, internationalist, roman holiday, date night, stop! look!, steppin out, (a lot more...)

*lipglasses: spring bean, magnetique, gold rebel, liberated, ensign, live & dye, flashmode, vii, snowscene, (a lot more...)

TLC's: the only one they had was popster

MSF's: only refined, light flush, perfect topping

mineralize blush: earth to earth, light over dark

fluidlines: brassy

paint pots: greenstroke, bare study, stringalong, quite natural

brushes: 279, 181, 129sh, 321, 249, 252, 204, 192, 225, 162, 165, 189

*sets: 2008 little darlings warm and cool pigments

*palettes: both heatherette trios, both hk too dolly quads...

*blushes: all the hk blushes, (quite a few more...)

*beauty powders: all the hk and heatherette ones, (a few others...)

there's still a lot of foundations, mainly NW's though

there was also prep & prime spf 50, prep & prime line filler, charged water, and microfine refinisher

metalblu, pink ingot, and 2 other metal x cream shadows

last time i called in, someone told me they're not getting another mac shipment until the middle of march X(

i'll try to keep ya posted if i remember/see anymore
went today and updated the list a bit.. pretty sure they didn't get anything new since the last time i was there (over a month ago)


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If I don't have too much work due next week, I might try to head up there on the 10th or 11th. Making a trip is a big deal for me, though, since I'm at school in NYC and to get to clinton I have to take a train for 2 hours all the way there

if anyone's been there recently plz tell me if it was worth it!!


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I was just there today! In my opinion, Clinton always has a great selection. Here's what I can remember they had there today:

A few CCB's (including Hush, which I got)

A bunch of MSFs (Refined, Perfect Topping, and some others)

Mineralize blushes (Improvise, Hand Finish, Love Rock, Moon River, Grand Duo, Intenso and others)

MSF Natural/Shimmer duos

Prep and Prime SPF 50

Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone

Both BPs from A Rose Romance

Darker BP from Heatherette

Look in a Box sets

Mineralize box sets from this past holiday

Lipglass sets from holiday

Pigment sets from holiday

Some nail polishes

Bunch of shadows (including Fashion and Style Snob starflash shadows, Dear Cupcake, Glamour Check, Night Manouvers, and several others I can't remember at the moment)

Bunch of paint pots (Mosscape, Greenstroke, Bare Study and more)

A few lip and eye liners; Black Greasepaint stick

Some brushes (192, 181, 225, 165 and others)

Lipglasses, lipsticks, Dazzleglass Cremes, 3 Tendertones, Valentine's Lip Gelee

Quads (Notoriety, Photorealism, Tempting)

2 palettes from this past holiday, Heatherette, Trip etc.

Also, they had Bobbi Brown Chrome Shadows in Pewter! Very excited about that!

Let me know if you have specific questions and I'll try to recall if they had it there!


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OMG thank you that was uber helpful!! I can't believe I didn't check this thread until just now; I'm definitely going up tomorrow (I was on the fence but now I'm def going to go)!! Thanks for the info
okay i tried to type as much as i could into my cell phone.. so here we go:

palettes: both hello kitty, both graphic gardens, notoriety, shadowy lady, tempting eve, photo realism, 2 from passions of red, 1 of the royal assets (cant remember which though)

pigments: teal (i remember there being 6 of these left), golden olive, kitchmus, heritage rouge, melon, mega-rich, golden lemon, gold stroke, gold mode, fuchsia, spiritualize, pink bronze, antique green, vanilla, frozen white, pink opal, cornflower (there were like 2 of these left), tan, rose, violet, chocolate brown

glitters: 3d gold, gold, red, silver, chartreuse, light blue (1 left), purple, fuchsia, reflects blackened red, reflects pearl, reflects gold, reflects copper

beauty powders: pretty baby, tahitian sand, alpha girl, smooth harmony, summer rose, blush of youth, flower mist dew, matte bronze

mineralized: triple fusion, smooth merge, perfect topping, refined, light flush, porcelain pink, warm blend, sunny by nature, moon river, love rock, intenso, grand duo, light over dark, earth to earth, improvise, hot planet, cheek & cheerful

nail polish: abstract, metalist, rich dark delicious, dance all night, cool reserve, for fun

eyeshadows: pagan, evening aura, magnetic fields, night manoeuvres, time & space, femme fi, of summer (1 left), sunset b, henna, french cuff, flip (3 left), style snob, deep shade, et tu bouquet?, blue flame, dear cupcake, glamour check!, pen n pink, soft flower, purple shower, warming trend, knight, post haste, maira's mood, talent pool (1 left), ego, top knot, haunting, mont black, bold n brazen, bitter, aquavert, star by night, violet trance (3 left)

mineralize shadows: sea & sky (2 left), fashion patch, two to glow, eccentricity, family silver, odd couple, odd bits, hot contrast, it's a miracle, inter-view, word of mouth, persuasive, earthly riches

paint pots: stringalong, moss scape, quite natural, greenstroke

fluidlines: brassy

paints: flammable and the other i can't remember

dazzleglasses/lipglasses: roman holiday, sublime shine, looks like sin, rue d rouge, do it up, local colour, soft dazzle, sheena, stop! look!, totally fab, utterly posh, perfectly unordinary, luscious spark, 3n, virgin kiss, sonic vibe, new berry, real desire, nico, rich & ripe, buzz, liberated, soft & slow, lil hot pepper, naked frost, on display, she's a star, young thing, supreme, red devil, avarice, spring bean, lustrewhite, gold rebel, ensign, new spirit, trance plant, steal my heart, strawberry blonde, quick tease, personal taste, naked space, real desire, so this season, bateaux

blush/contour: fancy baby, pleasureful, strada, margin, emote, the perfect cheek (3 left), notable, sweet as cocoa, x-rocks, spaced out

i didn't type down brushes but the only ones that stood out were 165 and 129sh

also, all the 2009 holiday sets.. i mean literally all the holiday eye / lip palettes / mineralize face kits and what not that came from magic mirth and mischief

i didn't get lipsticks cuz nothing changed with those whatsoever

that's it


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Think I might stop by here next weekend.... anyone been in the last few days? I'm hoping they still have all the holiday 2009 sets. If they had them all on 5/19, they probably still have some left right??
heya, i went in today so here's an update from my last list on 5/20

palettes: i didn't see graphics garden anymore (but then again they were in the middle of restocking stuff). they were just putting out "rose is a rose" palette, fafi eyes 1, and a second royal assets palette (forgot to check which one, yet again)

added - museum bronze, neo orange, full force violet, red electric, antique green, and push the edge.. all the other ones were still there

added - reflects transparent pink and reflects teal
gone - 3d gold, reflects gold, and light blue

added - off the page, clarity, newly minted, pollinator, fig. 1, sugarshot, silverthorn, hey, brown script, ochre style, embark, shore leave, nanogold, pink freeze, bronze, juiced, suave intentions, phloof!, sushi flower, copperplate, woodwinked, and swish.
gone - pagan, of summer, flip, et tu bouquet?, and pen n pink

mineralize shadows:
gone - sea & sky.. other than that, no change

added - she-zam, jingle jangle, phiff!, my favorite pink

lip gelee: tickled pink, jelly babe, moistly, sapilicious

any category that i didn't mention means there was no change
Before I forget to update again - I went back on Saturday to pick up a few orders..
and this is what

they've added:

lipsticks: intricate, b-babe, front lit, desire, hold the pose, madly creative, ever embelish, most popular, sandy b, resolutely red, sharp focus, and full body

lipglosses in 2n and fanplastico

tenderling blush

eyeshadows in: dreammaker, smoke & diamonds and expensive pink

there were also 23 different slimshines but i didn't have much time to stay and write 'em all down :\


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I'm headed there this weekend with my cellphone, so I can write down things I see. I generally just care about e/s, pigments and MSF's. <3


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Okay, so nothing really changed since the last update here.

I ended up picking up some of the pigments and lip laquers and Ruby Woo <3


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I couldn't make it this weekend but I wil try to go this week. Did they still have Gold Stroke pigment? Do they have a 3 item limit there? Thanks.

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