Closest MAC lipstick?


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I just realised that I am nearly out of my favorite red lipstick, and I found out its been discontinued

Its Shiseido Staying power lipstick in SP4 - bright carmine.
What do you guys think would be the closest MAC match? It is a true bright carmine colour and the MAC reds I have - lady bug, ruby woo and MAC red, dont really come close. And I dont think russian red would match either...

heres a pic I found of the lippie in question, if I have to I can swatch it on some white paper and post that pic.

Thanks so much ladies.


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maybe glam for the color, but it's a matte. matte's lasdt forever, but you might want some lipbalm to keep your lips moisturized, mattes tend to feel very dry after a while


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i would say rococo

you also might want to try shisido to see if they have any left beacuse sometimes disc. stuff can still be at counters for months