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Collecting MAC Looks w/o Wasting Ink


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If you're like me, you have been ripped off by Epson's printer scam. You have to have all three colors (yellow, magenta & cyan) AND black available at the same time to print something. Jeez louis!
So, unless you have an ink tree in your backyard, you might as well read this tutorial.
It's how to collect looks (the look "Sockhop" is shown below).



-Glue or tape
-Pen or pencil

To collect a look, print out a small image of the look you want. You can copy & paste the image into Microsoft word and resize it to make it tinier.
Print the look out (but NOT the instructions.)
Glue or tape the look into your notebook. Find the instructions for the look
and write them down in the book. This will be your official MAC book!


-Some basic artistic skill
-Crayons or coloring pencils in a wide range of hues
-Black marker

This is a little harder, but perfect for those who don't have a printer at all.
Trace out a basic MAC-shaped face (or do your own kind of face!)
Using the image of the look on your computer as a guide, color in the makeup. Write down the instructions that go along with the look.

Both techniques take a little work, but I like this better because it's a lot less costly and it gives you something to do.

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