Colletive haul!


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Hi guys! I've been doing some haulling here and there.

First up, UD F&F haul
--Velvet Rope e/l set $29
--VIP e/l set $29
--XL UDPP (it's 60% bigger than the regular one) $22





Also, the amazing ELF Haul!


--20 pairs of dramatic lashes
--20 pairs of natural lashes
--2 Super glossy l/g in Goddess
--2 Super glossy l/g in Honey Do
--2 Super glossy l/g in Juiced Berry
--8 lash curlers
--10 Studio Complexion Brush
--10 Studio Flat Top Powder brush
--6 Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush
--4 Blush/Bronzer duo

This is the best part! The whole ELF haul costed me $25!!!!!!! At first, I used a 70% off coupon a YTer sent me. Also, there was a free shipping code online. So the haul was originally $74, after the coupon and Fs, it was $25 shipped. However, ELF sent it to the wrong place. They use this idiotic mailing system called Fedex Smartpost. So, Fedex sends the package to your local USPS, then the USPS delivers it....WTF?!! So, my first package got lost for like 2 weeks. I emailed ELF customer service after 1 week because somehow my Fedex tracking showed that my package was in North Carolina.... They responded very quickly and resend me the package after I double-checked that they had my correct address.

After I got my 2nd package, amazingly the 1st package made its way to my mail box too! I called the ELF CS again regarding if I should send one of them back, but they told me to keep them both. They even apologized for how long it took!! It completely changed how I viewed EFL CS. Kudos to them!!


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Awesome goodies!! I was going to get another UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero but I had to hold back and not spend too much. Enjoy your awesome goodies!

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