Concealer for dark patches (cloasma)


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hey ladies!!

Well...with the pregnancy my skin just turn horrible, with all this acne, huge pores, redness...but the big big trouble its that I just got know the pregnancy mask, its horrible, its on my cheeks and my nose, its looks like I have a huge sun burn...its seems that foundation its not enough to cover this .....what shade of concealer should I use??? I know that green its for redness so maybe theres some other color to use with this dark patches!

Please help me!!!!



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I have melasma form the pill and I think it's pretty much the sam thing as chloasma and the only thing I found that covers it well is MAC full-coverage foundation, and Revlon colorstayi Active light. But MAC is better IMO. Hope this helps!


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I have melasma from bc pills too and I have recently discovered MUFE 's Full Cover concealer! It covers wonderfully! I used to use MAC's full coverage foundation as a concealer but I could still see some of the discoloration. I also found that if I use a concealer the same color as the discoloration it covers better. HTH as this melasma has been the bane of my existence for waaaay too long!

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