Concealer recommendations please!


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Hi everyone!

I'm after concealer recommendations, please. I'm 32, pale (Armani luminous silk in shade 2 is my best foundation match) and my skin is dry. I have cystic acne, which often ends up with scabs and dry flaky skin, so I'm looking for a concealer that can cover these areas without looking cakey or clinging to the flakes as they often do. I wear makeup to work every day so I need it to be able to last all day, as well. I've tried so many but they're either the wrong consistency or the wrong shade. I get on best with the creamy style ones like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (no shade match, mixing shade 1 and 2 is best, but still looks a bit grey on my skin), Too Faced Born This Way Concealer (I've tried Snow, but it's a little too dark and yellow for me, and then it oxidises even darker on my skin) and Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (12B, a little too pale, but I mix with the Too Faced concealer which is the best shade match that I have found for me).

I'd love it if there was one concealer out there that was the right consistency and shade for me, but I don't want to keep wasting money buying ones online that are wrong for me. I don't live somewhere that I can easily try a lot of brands in person, so I rely on online swatches and reviews (for reference, I live in the UK).

Please help!


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Hi BigBirdCha,

have you tried the jouer cosmetics concealer yet? its very popular and has great reviews, i would recommend it for yourself.


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You may like Kosas Revealer Concealer, if you like a creamier formula. You can order a sample card on their website; they will ship to the UK.

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