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Hey!Bagged myself a free consultation at my Clinique counter.Anyway it got me thinking...since I've never had a consultation before..what should I expect?Do many of you go for consultations?


K so I was wondering about this because I WANT ONE!

When I went to find out my Studio Fix color she applied it to me ok cool but that was just a big tease of what could be...

I was wondering, I only have like a little counter at dept stores (MAC PRO COME TO DENVER PLEASE!!!!) So how would I ask for an application of something? LOL how can I get a "makeover" for the fun of it? Tips? buy a minimum of $$$?
Do the MA's like to play with colors on their customers or is it a pain and just part of the boring job..

Personally if I had the skill I would LOVE doing applications on people! It'd be fun for me to see what I could do for/on them! Haha but I'd do it for free especially if they just said "Do w/e you want"...but well thats me and how I am with my friends and doing their makup haha

So what do you think?
What should I expect?

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