Copied a MAC face chart!


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You are so gorgeous!

I think i have seen you you work in a mac store kindof near city of industry off of the 10 fwy?

I'd swear u do, if not your twin works there lol

I <3 the shape of your eyes, and the way you apply your colors.
Thank you for posting


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Absolutely gorgeous! You look great in any colour and I love your eyeshadow application (even without the face chart) in general. It's different but it shows how different placement can totally change a look.

& hello, big rock on ring finger!


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You are super high-caliber with your skill - I swear you should be like a makeup artist for hi-fashion or something. You just totally blow me away every time!!!


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wow, so beautiful.
That mac face chart is my favorite. You've created that look very well.......


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Originally Posted by mistella
haha yup! me and my boyfriend have been engaged for over 2 years now!

aw congrats! have you guys set a date for the wedding, or are you waiting it out a bit? what a lucky boyfriend!