Cosmetics market grows as more young ladies wearing make-up


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Taiwan's cosmetics market has grown in recent years with more and more Taiwanese young ladies, especially those born in the 1980s, preferring to leave home wearing make-up, a representative of the industry said yesterday. According to the representative, the annual revenue of Taiwan's cosmetics and skin care industry is estimated to be roughly NT$60 billion. Some 70-80 percent of that is captured by the sale of skin care products, while 20-30 percent goes to growing sales of make-up products.
To increase their competitiveness in the growing make-up sector, famous cosmetics brands have developed their spring/summer products with new designs and new marketing to make their products more attractive.
Department stores' brands like MAC presented its Barbie-style make-up with daring colors to meet the needs of young ladies who admire European and American fashion trends. Another brand, Guerlain, invited Taiwan's leading make-up artist Wang Wei-hsiang to promote its various new products.
Open-shelf brand, Revlon presented new make up with a shiny texture preferred by Asian women, while Shiseido launched its own open-shelf brand, INTEGRATE, modeled by international superstar Angelina Jolie.
These brands, and many more, local or international, all hope to increase the reliance of women on cosmetics to expand their revenues in Taiwan's promising cosmetics industry, the representative said.


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Hehe, thats always nice to hear. Global demans means more money for developing new and more neato products!