Costal Scents' neutral palette.


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i'm gettting this pallette and the one with the 26 shadows and 5 blushes for myself for christmas, i been hearing a lot of good things so if i end up not use a few shadows you can beat 22 bucks!!!!


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I love my neutral pallet! I use it all the time, especially for work. I love to use the darker colors for my crease area and with a base, mine stayed on all day. I'm honestly happy that I bought that along with my regular 88 pallet. These are my best buy's of the year.


i think the key with coastal scents products are using bases...without them the color payoff is not as great..some complain some of the colors are chalky but if i find a color isn't giving me the umph i want..i layer with another color and i get that pop i want


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I'm definitely going to buy it after all your positive reviews
Was afraid that they would look chalky but i'll just use a good base


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I can't find myself to order from this company and I know its great!! I'm guessing because I know they would be no way I could by another eyeshadow if I had any of the CS Pallettes.


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i got my pallettes the other day and today was the first time i use the neutral pallette , i must say i really liked it, i wish i took pics!!!! anyway if you get this pallette don't forget a good base is key and you shouldn't have any probs

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