Counterfeit Tiger Tiger/Benediet Scammer


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I recently had a terrible experience with someone who is commonly known makeup seller on instagram and Facebook groups. I bought a tiger tiger lipstick from Benediet S. (@macaddictforsure ) off of instagram. I had someone else who bought one if the several Raquel welch lipsticks contact me and ask if it smelled funny and didn't have a vanilla scent. It didn't have the scent and smelled of old waxy chemicals. Now I'm no expert but I'm almost positive it was fake!!! I opened a case with paypal and found that it wasn't Benediet herself that invoiced me but the eBay seller aat_aat ( I connected the Canadian invoicer to ebay seller aat_aat because that's the email they used) ... the seller said if I ship it back they would refund me. Shortly after I agreed the Canadian seller asked that I ship it back to Benediet. Benediet provided me with her address and I shipped the lipstick to her. During this time I broke my phone on accident and had no access to the Internet or paypal. They closed my case during this time and denied my claim. Benediet confirmed she received the lipstick and said the case was closed I should see a refund. There was nothing. With the advice of a friend I called paypal to see what I could do and provide proof of my case and her receiving the lipstick , but because I shipped it to Benediet (as the Canadian directed me to do ) there was nothing that could be done because I shipped it to her. I have never been in this position before so I was quite clueless which is my own fault but I trusted this woman and she not only screwed me out of $60 but bragged about it and resold the lipstick. That is down right dirty and wrong. Now I will tell you all this many people have received authentic mac makeup from her but quite a few people I know of have also received fakes/questionable items. I know she was removed from many makeup groups on Facebook but be cautious if you choose to buy from her. She seems so nice and trustworthy at first but she did me wrong . What would stop her from doing it to you given the opportunity? ?? I felt the need to make people aware so they can proceed with caution . If you are invoiced from the Canadian and not her and you have an issue absolutely do not ship your item back to anyone other than the address listed on the invoice.

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