Court Hearing Reveals New Details in Social Worker's Murder


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This happened in my area recently and I can't stop crying about it. This woman, the social worker, was just trying to help people and these bastards killed her. We had a murder in our area where the motive was jealousy. The murderer was jealous of the guy. What gives these motherfuckers the right to kill someone or hurt someone in any way because they don't like what they are or they have something they want. That's fucking bullshit. Its like why even try to make a difference. To be raped and killed? I think I am just going to make as much money as possible, buy an island, and just get the fuck away from people. And then I think of the people who are jealous of me. Who want what I have. Of course, they don't want to be a victim of a violent crime, deal with the nightmares and having to really work to get close to people or spend as much time in school as I have, but that is beside the point I guess.

UPDATE: Court Hearing Reveals New Details in Social Worker's Murder

UPDATE @ 7:20pm
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A man charged with helping his son and his son's girlfriend cover up the murder of a female social worker was released late Monday afternoon from the Western Regional Jail, a jail official said.

Steven Foster Sr. is charged in connection with the killing of Brenda Yeager, whose body was found Aug. 1 near her burned-out car. Rosemary Forney, the girlfriend of Foster's son Steven Foster Jr., had her preliminary hearing earlier Monday in Cabell County Magistrate Court. Steven Foster Jr. and Forney, both of whom are charged with murder, remain in custody at the Western Regional Jail.
Steven Foster Sr. was released on a property bond, according to the jail official.
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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Investigators revealed new information during a court hearing Monday about the events leading up to a social worker's murder.

Trooper James Kirk with the West Virginia State Police testified during Rosemary Forney's preliminary hearing that she confessed to killing Brenda Yeager along with Steven Foster Jr.
According to Kirk, Forney says Foster Jr. was hiding in a closet when Yeager came into their home in Cabell County--and Forney turned up the radio to hide any noise Foster Jr. would have made.
Kirk says Foster Jr. then hit Yeager in the head with a frying pan. Both Foster Jr. and Forney expected her to black out, according to Kirk, but when she didn't, they held her at knifepoint.

Kirk testified that Foster Jr. and Forney then tied Yeager to a mattress--and while Forney went outside to clean Yeager's car and hide it, Foster Jr. sexually assaulted Yeager.
Kirk says Forney told them that she and Foster Jr. then discussed the situation, choosing between letting her go so she can call the police or killing her to solve their problems. The two chose the latter, according to Kirk, and Foster Jr. told Forney to kill Yeager.
Forney proceeded to try to suffocate Yeager, but failed, according to Kirk. Foster Jr. then also tried to suffocate her, but also didn't succeed, says Kirk.
Kirk says both Foster Jr. and Forney then simultaneously tried to suffocate Yeager, killing her.
Forney's attorney argued that his client's confession was coerced, but the magistrate didn't agree. The murder case against Forney has been bound over to the grand jury.
Foster Jr. and Foster Sr. were expected to have their hearings after Forney's, but they are expected to waive their preliminary hearings.


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Not to be off topic, but where in WV are you from? I'm from KY right by Ashland

I watched this on the news...its so sad and heartbreaking. She looked like such a sweet woman


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Thanks for posting this, I might have never known about such a horrific crime otherwise. May the poor woman rest in peace.
She definitely deserves to. I hope those sick bastards rot in jail, all 3 of them. What makes a person, or persons take another's life without giving a second thought?

It makes me weary of ever trying to help people in such a career.

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