cover letter for resume


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hi, i was encouraged by an M.A to apply and along with the application, i want to include my resume and possible my portfolio. when you were applying to a cosmetics counter, what did you include in your cover? your experience, industry contacts, why you want to work for the counter...?

sorry if this is asking a lot.. i'm not asking anyone to write my cover letter for me... unless you want to. JK :brow:

and.. should i make my resume artsy and creative or should i stick to black and white times new roman?


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Hi there! The business guide that I referenced for my cover letter and resume is How 10: Handbook for Office Professionals by Clark and Clark. I would reference a business writing guide (even one online) for ideas on writing your cover letter. Here are some links:

Keep your resume and cover letter professional, but they don't have to be boring, necessarily. The fonts I used for mine were either Impact or Arial Narrow (bold) for the headers, and Arial; the letterhead and layout were pretty contemporary, and I printed everything on ivory linen paper.


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Someone here suggested to also put your resume and such in a plastic cover. I did that and everyone I interviewed with LOVED it.


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Don't forget a hook that grabs their attention in your cover letter. Actors use it and I find it helps me.

My hook is the fact that I'm the niece of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Ben Chapman.