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Cranberry is such a lovely shade, it was one of my very first mac eyeshadows. I used it a lot in the beggining but now I need something to pair it with! Otherwise its too strong and it makes me look sick /:
I used to be scared of shades like cranberry but actually I love it, i think it makes my eyes look way greener than they actually are. It's a fantastic shade


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Actually, i love to pair the cranberry eyeshadow over mac's paintpot stormy pink. I use the stormy pink on the lid up to the crease, then sweep the cranberry in the crease. Then use a dark brown or grey shadow on the outer lid.


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Cranberry is beautiful in the pan and I've seen it look gorgeous on others, but it makes me look like a vampire! :(


this cranberry eyeshadow used to scare me but seeing it on others really looks beautiful.. shades like this can be scary because some red/pink tones will make me look sick.


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I saw this at MAC the other day and I did swatch it, but didn't pick it up.
How do you guys/girls think this would look with blue eyes(very blue) and warm dark brown hair?


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Any sort of red eyeshadows you can get to work for you if you use it right. Its easy to look sick or look like an (unwanted) vampire if you just go ahead and put the red on right away. Cranberry would look great with like a medium brown for the crease.

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