*Cries* make me stop eating,PLEASE!!!


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Sigh, someone help me.
I can't stop eating..does anyone have any home remedies for eating too much while pmsing? lol


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(((HUGS))) honey i'm RIGHT THERE WITH U!! when i pms.. i eat out of control!!! there's NEVER enough ice cream, chocolate, bread or cheetos in my house when i'm pms'ing so i feel u!! between the eating
and crying
for NOTHING, i feel like i'm on crazy pills at that time.. hush... it'll be over soon.. ((( hugs again )))


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Whenever you feel the need to eat, do something. Go for a run/walk, browse the web, call a friend, read a book, etc...


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haha, i do the same thing! its funny becuse ill be watching tv downstairs and EVERY commercial i end up walking in the kitchen and coem out with some sort of snack, hate it!, what i do though is go watch tv or do something i nthe farthest room from my kitchen ( kinda lazy when pmsing) so i wont want to get up. That or i visit a MAC store, which is on its own a worst addiction, fight addiction with addiction i guess LOL. I highly recommend though, to buy those fruit plates and cherry tomatos, when i get the craving to eat when not hungry i just pull that out and munch on those and wont feel bad that i ate fattening stuff...


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It would be so much easier if I just ate when I was PMSing. Alas, I shop. Oh wait a minute, I always shop. I guess my PMS (please more shopping) never goes away.


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For me pms-ing requires large amounts of chocolate and salt. Mmm.. chocolate covered salt.. :p

But eating doesn't have to be bad.. if you do have to move your jaw a bit just reach for something healthy. Carrot sticks, cucumber slices and apples are always good. Or if you are majorly trying to cut calories celery is your best bet.


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Talk to your ob/gyn! It's natural to eat more just before and during your period, but if you really feel it's out of control you may want to consider medications.