Cypress, TX (Houston) CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Originally Posted by 2browneyes
^ u wouldn't happen to being going back and willing to cp for me would u?

I don't know when i'll be going back. It's 1 hr drive one way


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I'm so glad I found this thread! I've been to the HPO twice, but it was such a long time ago, and at the time, I had no idea they had a CCO! It's not super far from me, but the drive is definitely on the longer side. I'm so happy that you guys are saying that have a lot of good things and that they order frequently!

Thanks, jazm1n3s, for your list! It's so detailed.
I'll definitely have to check it out soon! I was hoping that they'd have some stuff from the Style Black collection.

Hope the people that go will keep updating us.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Be careful if you go out there ladies, apparently ppl have been getting mugged in the mall and parking lot.


Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

i just recently figured out that there was a cco here so hopefully i get to make it out over the weekend or sometime next week.

thanks jazm1n3s for the low down, hopefully they still have this stuff when i get to go


Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

i went recently and they pretty much had everything that jazm1n3s listed still.

tons of pigments (a gold glitter, tan, red, vanilla, teal, tea time, fuschia, melon, blue brown, jardin aires + more) and msfs (refined, redhead, blonde, brunette, porcelain pink i think + more) still. lots of mineralized eye shadows (love connection, illusionary/burning ambition, dangerzone i think & more ). they had both hk palettes and both heatherette palettes, a ton of quads and other palettes that i don't know names of. they had some eye shadow suites. tons of eye shadows (metalblu, black tied, beauty marked, nile from the mcqueen collection, plum dressing + tons more)

lucky jade, lemon chiffon + a handful more shadesticks.

they had some mascaras i think plush lash and one i think called fiber lash or something + more. they had tonsss of fake lashes. fluidlines in silverstroke + a couple more.

dazzleglasses in goldyrocks + basically all the ones listed. tons of lip glasses - i just remember queen bee & some style warriors. slim shines in high 90's, all grown up, long stem rose, classic dame + more. a ton of lip sticks, i just remember 1n, fafi and some style warriors. some of the pro longwear lip colors but i didn't pay attention to colors. i don't know what their actual names are but i know they had some lip glosses that were like two colors swirled together.

a few blushes - they still had the hk powders, blunt, just a pinch and more. they had studio fix in nw35, nc20 i think and another darker one. black cream color base. tons of brush sets and some bedazzled hk compacts. dame edna powders. bare canvas + a couple other paints. glitterliners. i'm pretty sure they had some brow sets. they had a some pigment sets and some lipgloss sets as well.

sorry it's so much and all over the place :-( and i'm sorry that i couldn't remember all the names to stuff. i went twice and was trying to remember what i saw but on the day that i had room to really look around, some guy was causing a commotion so it was hard to concentrate.


Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

i went a few weeks ago and found my all time FAVEEE MSF -Petticoat...i bought 3 lol


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I went today, and it was a disappointment

There were no new pigment, in fact, there were less. No more Teal, Push The Edge, or Tan.

There weren't new eyeshadows either. There were, however, more holiday 2009 sets.

Lippies - Pattisserie & Bubbles are the only new ones I saw.

I might go back on Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully they'll have a shipment coming in.

Estee Lauder - I saw several shadowcremes (paint pot dupes) for $12.25, and they were really nice! I really like Silver Leaf, which is a silvery taupe, and Vintage Violet, which is a dupe for Nice Vice paint pot.

Lancome outlet - i went in there, hoping to see some Shu Uemura stuff, since they're closing out their stores & counters in the US, but they only had the 24k gold eyelash curler for $12 or something.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Hey everyone! I went today-what a looong drive! Here are the most memorable things I spotted and can remember:

Blonde MSFs
Brunette MSFs
Redhead MSFs
So Ceylon MSF-just a couple of these
Perfect Topping MSFs
Porcelain Pink MSFs
Refined MSFs-just a couple of these
Sunny By Nature MSF- just a few left
Cheeky Bronze MSFS- just a few
Fafi Belightful Powders
Hello Kitty Face Powders (the plastic compacts, not the Swarovski ones)
Honeycomb powders-both of them
Style Warrior compact

Alexander McQueen-Nile
Style Warriors-Vibrant Grape, Soft Force, Night Manoevres, some others
Neo Sci-fi- Femme Fi, Evening Aura, others I didn't look at
Starflash-Top Hat, Sunset B, Dreammaker
Cool Heat- Warm Chill and the teal one also
Emanuel Ungaro Soft Flower
Et tu bouqet
several others I can't remember

It's a Miracle
Under your Spell
Midnight Madness
the teal/silver Holiday 09 one
some Metal-X- a blue one and some others

several others I can't remember-mostly the trio kind

Fafi-the one with Pink Venus in it
Both Hello Kitty Quads
Tone Gray
Shadowy Lady
In the Gallery
Heatherette quads-both I think
Trip palettes-Authentic, one with a pink blush, and another one
Holiday 2009 palettes-some blush, lip ones
Holiday palettes (red ones)-lip mostly

a couple from Fafi
Hello Kitty hot pink one (Big Bow?) and another color-a dark one
several other regular line lippies I didn't bother to look at
Holiday 2009 lip palettes and red holiday lip palettes

a bunch of the tricolor glosses
several dazzleglasses
Neo Sci-fi glosses
Tendertones-like eight different colors
some gloss sets from the red holiday packaging

MAC PIGMENTS (in old jar):
Vintage Gold
Jardin Aires
Pink Bronze
a bunch of reflects glitters
several other pigments in crazy colors (maybe 40-50 or so colors to choose from) I didn't look at b/c I wanted neutrals
pigment sets in the Red adoring carmine? holiday packaging

OTHER MAC I didn't look at in depth:
some blushes-nothing grabbed me, Perfect Cheek
Mineralize blushes-mostly peach/bronze ones
a few studio sculpts
Some of those Nordstrom sets with the mineralized stuff in it-couldn't see it too well b/c it was behind the counter

Platinum Pink Shimmer Brick
A couple other shimmer bricks
Blushes-a lot-Desert Pink, Sand Pink, Pale Pink, Sandstone, Washed Rose
Several eyeshadows
A lot of Double Wears in Spice

Okay...that's just what I can remember. You can also call them if there's something specific you want and they'll look for you so you don't have to drive all the way there. The phone # is on the website! Okay HTH!


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

we should have a meet & greet there for everyone local to cypress. im about 10 mins from this mall. id love to meet some new friends.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Went there today, and I was just so disappointed that they had nothing new

Eyeshadows: They had less and less e/s compared to before. Nothing new, most of the things mentioned before were still there, except probably they have Off The Page now. I was looking for some e/s from Love That Look collection, but they had nothing. Palettes mentioned above are still there.

Pigments: Most of the color mentioned were still there, probably even less. They had Golden Lemon, Antique Green, Spiritualize, Kitchmas, Tan, Tea Time, Teal, Cocomotion, Circa Plum, Mutiny, Jardin Aires, Violet, Steel Blue, and 2 more blue pigments that I forgot the names of. Some holiday sets

Lipsticks: Made With Love, Viva Glam VI SE, Morange, Lollipop Loving, Ahoy There, etc

Lipglass: Jingle Jangle d/g, Stop!Look!, Goldyrocks, and the rest were still the same as before. They had the lipglass sets from Holiday Collection 2009.

MSFs: Cheeky Bronze, Sunny By Nature, So Ceylon, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Porcelain Pink, Refined, Smooth Merge, Perfect Topping.

Really, most of these things were still the same as before. It was a disappointment to me, and left the store empty handed

Bobbi Brown: They had one whole shelf for single eyeshadows. They had Chrome Pewter and Chrome Silver, and lots more. Not really familiar with this brand, so couldn't remember the names.

Hope this helps someone who's planning to go there.

Edit: They also had all 3 lustre drops from Style Warriors, in which 2 of them are being repromoted in To The Beach collection.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I went today they had like 2 cremesheen glasses from too fabulous and some dazzleglass from Eurositocrats (sp?) and they had FAFI, Heatherette, and Hello Kitty eye pallettes and a bunch of Xmas 2009 pigement and lipgloss sets

I got Internationalist Dazzleglass and a L/S can't remember the name nothing special but it was under 25 bucks!


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

anyone find anything good lately? I think i'll be going on Monday, hopefully it's not emptied by July 4th sales goers. I'll try to remember everything I see!


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I hit the outlet mall today and found some cool things at the CCO. They weren't HG things but were items I missed out on getting the first time around.

Mac Stuff I bought:

Perky PP
Fresco Rose PP
Constructivist PP

Fresh cement Shadestick

Warming Trend e/s
Henna e/s
Notoriety Quad

Nude Rose l/s from Dsquared collection
Pinkydee l/s (one of my all time fave DC products)

There were several full size LE pigments I almost picked up and a 225 brush (I have never seen that one b4) I wanted but passed on.

They also had the Bobbi Brown PRO l/s pallette for $160. boo! I really wanted that.

There was some Mac HK stuff, all of this past Christmas' LE stuff (gloss sets, pigments, brushed, e/s pallettes)

They also had the MAC large body buffing brush that has been dc.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I'm gonna go this weekend and hope to find somthing good.

Is there any new items??


Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

i went yesterday and they had tons of stuff from the liberty of london collection. all eye shadows, lip glasses, both blushes and a beauty powder that i don't remember the name of.

eyeshadows - mont black, graphology, brun,
blushes - blunt, full fuschia? (it was something with fuschia)
nail polish - rich, dark and fabulous, dirty martini, for fun,
pigments - antique green, blonde's gold, reflects teal, reflects pink, gold glitter, universal mix (in new packaging), jardin aires, tan, melon, chocolate brown, violet, blue brown, lots of glitters and i think one of the stacked sets
paint pot - quite natural, fresco rose
lipstick - black knight, one of the fafi's and a viva glam
palettes - 2 fafi, 2 heatherette, a hello kitty, tone grey quad

plus charged water, a prep and prime cream i believe, a set of liquidlast liners

sorry this kind of sucks :- i'm going again soon to get something that i just realized i wanted that they had haha so i'll try to get a better list then


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

I haven't been to the CCO in a while and I am itching to go! I always end up spending to much though
....has any one else been lately? I am wondering if they have any new MSF's...


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Does anybody know if they still have Nude Rose lipstick? I might go if they do have it.

Also, I was just wondering if the Blonde's Gold they have is 4.3g (from Overrich) or the original 7.5g. I don't know if it's weird to ask that over the phone.


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Re: Houston (Cypress), TX CCO (Houston Premium Outlets)

Anyone been lately? I would love to know what goodies they have. I'm planning a trip for next week. TIA

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