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Hello everybody!

this is my FOTD...
damn! no matter how hard I try it always looks nude!

anyway, here's what I used

avene couvrance fluid base (naturel), mixed with moisturiser
clinique quick corrector, light
clarins stop shine powder
l'oreal blush delicieux , pink grapefruit
guerlain's metheorites, mythic

artdeco e/s base
stila e/s ( the medium one in the nude palette)
artdeco e/s 218
l'oreal golden eyeshadow ( trio pro laetitia casta)
l'oreal vouminous mascara

Bobbi Brown shimmering lipgloss, stonewashed nude

oops my eyelids look a bit swollen :)confused



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Originally Posted by baby_k
I can really see the Golden eye-shadow, but most of all i really like the lip colour. Could you direct me to any shops that sell it? That's if your around east london. Anyway I dont think its nude it's GORGEOUS!

thanx for your compliments!
well, the thing is I live in Spain, so I have no idea where you can find Bobbi Brown in England, but you can order it online if I'm not wrong...though I bet Bobbi's makeup is available in department stores in London

oh London....
long time since I last went there!!!!

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