Dark Beauty


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Today I was reading an article on-line about the sudden interest in " Dark Beauty" meaning the acceptance of goth, emo and romanticized trends that are "in"/ have been "in" for the past few months.
I started to think back to when I was in JR highschool and my friends with whom I hung out with- the "goth" and "outcast" kids- we stuck out. Not by choice but by ignorance. The "popular" kids didn't approach us- other than to laugh and make fun with stares and mockery. Moving forward 10 years. I'm smiling- genuinely happy that the kids I grew up with are in a way being "recognized". Those girls who looked down upon us are now scrambling to buy Chanel's Black Satin nailpolish on Ebay for $50 just so they can be "in". Now it is embraced to wear skulls, smokey dark eyeliner, crimson or purple lips. Maybe the acceptance stems from the Pirates movies or music groups like Evanescence ( sp?) or AFI. Who knows? the moral to my story- please be kind to everyone and keep an open mind. The people whom you are afraid to get to know or gossip about may someday inspire a movement.