dating: how to make sense of it all?


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I am newly (well its been a yr since my ex and I seperated) and I feel like crap. It seems like maybe I bad timing (summer for guys= man-whore time), my bad taste (which I know I have) or what? I just always get sad after I date a person for a while "not looking for a girlfriend". I am tired of serial dating that ends no where. And sex? I cant make sense of that sh*t either. Should I should I not, when is the right time if ur attracted to someone. I always get dumb when I like someone. Really I do.

I cant talk to them and I dont know how to have "the talk" aka "the kiss of death talk" aka "so where is this thing goin talk". I would like to think I am not the only one. As probably not so crazy as this sounds it seems like no one ever likes me. My ex even told me he really didnt want to be with me, he just used me cause he knew I was in love with him. Definably the worst thing a man has said to me and a confidence blow. So what am I left to do? I can fell myself coming down with the worst case of bitter-bitchness ever. Ladies I need ur help! Any advice would be appriciated. tia!


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OMG your ex (sorry to say this) is a jerk!!! How can he say that to you!!!

I am sorry i don't have any advice but hang in there!


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exactly like Nunu said, your ex is a jerk! And about the dating - i think all of us go through it, untill we find someone special for us. Thats kinda complicated, beacause most of the times now when people are on the 1st date the hardly know each other, so you sometimes have nothing to talk about etc. thants way better when you have been friends before that feeling got you, but well, ok.
You gotta know that there is nothing bad about having stupid/senseless dates. Everyone go through it. One day you gonna meet a guy which you gonna feel special about. What you can do, is search better - in the places you like yourself, concerts, or ask your friends to hook you with a nice guy. Cmon, who hasnt been on an awful date? I've been a long time ago, and omg it was awful.. I ended up asking him NOT to drive he home "aka its far away, im ok, i'll go by subway".

Lots of girls face this problem, all my single friends cant find a good guy aswell. Ans when i will break up with my bf, as we are in a difficult very long distance relationship), i'll be just like you, cause i have no idea where can i meet someone as good as him for me :/
Keep searching! and you are OBVIOUS not the only one!​


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i swear u should always let the man say 'i love u' first. U control the sex part, dont do it until u really feel ready. but i really think letting him say i love u b4 u say it, is the only way to really be sure about him.

it sounds stupid but its so true these days.


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I wish I could smack your ex for you! What a jerk seriously!

Maybe you should stop trying to date for a bit. It might not be the right time for you to try to start a new relationship. But then again theres nothing wrong with going on a few dates just to see whose out there if you want to. Just remember that sometimes you have to kiss many frogs before you can find your prince lol! And when you do find that special someone they'll treat you with respect and as an equal unlike your scumbag mooching ex!

As for the sex, do it when you want to and when it feels right. Don't ever think your obligated to have sex with a guy if your not ready.

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