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De. . .scooping Tutorial


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Sorry for the unclear title! I’m not sure what you would call this. :T I have some Milani loose e/s and they’re a pain to use because of the built in brush. I wanted to put them into the little sample jars all my MAC pigments go in but it took forever and a day to take it out little by little using the brush, or tapping it the jar. So here is a tutorial on how to turn the little loose eyeshadow jars with brushes into super cool eyeshadow sample jars!

*Sorry in advance for the sort of washed out pictures. Too much lighting. :p Eek they look awful! I'll redo the tutorial another day with a COLORED e/s. hehe

Step 1: Gather all the tools you need.
- Pointed Scissors
- Tweezers (Optional)
- Loose Eyeshadows
- Sample Pigment Jars
- Paper Towel
- Sharpie
- Small Spatula


Step 2: Flip your eyeshadow over and peel off the name sticker to stick onto the bottom of the sample jar. If you rip it or do a bad job like I did, use a sharpie. :p

Step 3: Taking the sharpest end of your scissors, start “drilling” a tiny hole where the line is marked in the photo. You should try to get as close to the seam of the plastic bottom. (Where the arrow is pointing to the line.) Making a small hole allow you to then lift the insert out. ? It’s actually quite easy. ? I think you could probably use a pushpin to do the same thing, but with scissors you get more leverage. The hole can be semi-deep because the insert is a bit thick at the edges. But the hole is only so your scissors (or tweezers) can get a grip when you leverage it out.







Step 4: Yay! Celebrate! You did it!


Step 5: Scoop out the eyeshadow carefully. The brush in the middle is a bit of a pain to scoop around so watch for it. ?


Step 6: Cap it and you’re al done! You can stick a strip of tape at the bottom when you pop the plastic instert back into the bottom b/c you can’t fit all of the shadow into a 5g jar. ? Push the bottom till you hear a pop, then you’ll know it’s closed. The tape is just extra security. ?


Extra Pictures:


Getting ready to do the next one.


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HAHA,m so wierd that you did this cuz I was actually trying to do this last week by just trying to shake it out through the top... i was VERY unsuccessful!!! so this is great. thanks so much!


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you can do the same thing with the l'oreal new loose pigment shadows... I did this a while ago and made lip gloss with em'


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I hate those containers! Bourjois has some loose eye shimmer stuff in those pots too, they should just be banned!!!


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i have a ton of milani loose shadows, but never use them because of the darn container. this is a great tut! thanks!

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