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I'm in the process of moving and I'm replacing my bed and pretty much all of the rest of my bedroom furniture because it's all bulky and not nice at all.

SO - I've been looking at new beds - headboards in particular...and I'm at a loss! I love wood, but everything out of wood is so cold and masculine. I'm really looking for something girlier. I like some of the metal ones, but most look like grandma's house.

I would like to start with the bed and then pick the rest of the pieces based on that.

So here is the question. If you were to buy a new bed for yourself, what bed would you choose?

And no ikea for the bed - too 'generic' looking. I'll probably get other pieces from ikea, but I'd like a more original bed.

Price is no limit, as I'm looking for ideas right now.



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love this one...

Just a little inspiration. These are all from Seventh Avenue. not sure what size bed you have...


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I have a king-size cherry sleigh bed. It is similar to the one posted by melozburngr except that I selected a low footboard; I tend to push/kick things to the bottom of the bed, so I didn't want the high footboard and I was concerned that it would make the bed too large visually in the room (and make the room seem smaller).



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Do you like the "shabby chic" wood look at all? I have found tons of cute ones in that style.
From [pic is too big to post here]
btw, those ^ all come in different finishes so they have a list of around 15 color choices.

From Pier 1:


From Cost Plus World Market:|1||CATEGORY_SEQ_2903|0/
sorry it would not let me post the picture for whatever reason.


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Oh girls...those beds are awesome girls!

I love that first iron bed Brittni! Drool!

And I do like the sleigh beds...though maybe in a lighter wood...

As for the shabby chic place has some FANTASTIC beds!

So many good choices! WOO HOO!

Now I'm really stoked about planning my new bedroom!


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Let us know what you go with! ITA about shabbychic, can't believe I let that one slip my mind lol

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