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Depotting with a regular (clothes) iron


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What you'll need:

- Knife
- Iron
- Hand towel
- MAC shadow pot
- MAC palette

Step 1: Peel off the eyeshadow label.
Step 2: Use your knife to pry/pop out the eyeshadow from the pot.
Step 3: Lay your eyeshadow(s) face down on the hand towel, I do six at a time.
Step 4: Cover them with the other end of the hand towel.
Step 5: Lay the iron on top of the covered eyeshadows. Time depends on your iron, how hot it is, etc. You look for the silver to seperate from the plastic pan.
Step: 6 Pop out the eyeshadow with your knife. Put in palette.



I tried this today. It took me about 5 minutes to depot my shadow. I am glad that I didn't try the other ways first. Thanks for the idea.


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