Hi this is LeAnn, How are all of you. I want New hair because it just don't look good no more because I've been so depressed and sick. My hair is African-American and I want to change it so badly so I want look depreesed in the face. I bought new makeup but makeup just can't change my look no beauty i'm just depressed. someone here on this forum tell everyone on this forum about me I can't find my beauty.

My hair is not in bad shape I just have to wash it and condition it and do everything on my own to make it look okay. I hope to have long African-American hair one day but African-American hair don't grow as fast so I have to stick with short hair sometimes it grows medium and it's taking so long to grow because I've been so depressed alot.

when I look at people that are celebrities it like I wish to look like that someday but when I get depressed about it I start crying and someone needs to talk to me about this because I don't understand why I have to go through this everyday.

What I like to have in beauty is long eybrows like kim kardashians and a smooth skin and a new hair cut called a bob.
I want my eyebrows darkend to extend it like kim's and want smooth skin all over me and beautiful and I want my hair colord with highlights like a purple bob.

I want someone to do my nails like Gel nails I haven't had in a long time.

I hope to have a beautiful face when I get better and beautiful hair that shines.

when I'm better will it be me?

thankyou I know this is hard but I hope you'll understand what I think about all the time and getting depressed over things.

Just like I said what do you think about me will it be me when I'm better as a new person.

Respond to me soon



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