Dermablend Creme Cover - help!


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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking to purchase Dermablend Creme Cover and since they aren't so readily available where I live, I have to buy them online. I was wondering what colour to get?
I wear an NC45 in MAC foundation and was thinking of getting the Chroma 4.5 or Golden Bronze but according to Dermablend, it has a red/brown undertone and I have a yellow.

Any ideas?


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you should get the Quick fix concealer in Bronze! or in brown!.

dab on face and buff out with a stippling brush if you want to use as foundation.

Im in between nc50 and nc45. nc50 being too orange. and nc45 and tad to light.

I use the concealer stick in brown and it is my perfect match! ive been searching for years its suppose to be a product for neutral undertones but i also have yellow undertones.

so give them a try and tell me what you think on and the coverage is phenomenal just be sure to warm product up on your finger or back of hand it wont blend as well if you just put the stick directly on face

I already order the cover creme in olive brown. ill let you know how that goes if your intrested lol

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