Different looking font, is this E/S real?


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I bought Amber Lights from eBay [the seller has 1500+ feedbacks, 99.9% positive] and the sticker in the back of the pot looks different and the font is not the same as in the other shadows I have, the pot is identical to the other MAC shadows but could someone tell me if this is real or not?


Here's a bigger pic of the e/s


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Could you take a picture of the e/s from different angles? The sticker isn't really something I can (personally) tell by.

A picture of the front (top) and the back hinge would be great.


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I checked the backs of all my shadows because in your picture not only did the font seem different I noticed that after London there were was no WIK 3BQ (guess thats the zip or something) like the other two. I found that a few of mine have the same font as the one in question along with the text that wraps only saying London. Out of the 5 that look like your amber lights, only 2 I had bought on ebay the others came from the freestanding store so my guess is it is legit.....


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I checked mine too. I have two with stickers that match yours, and I bought them at a Foley's counter last June. If you hold it up to the light, they have little black numbers (mine have "A93" & "A35"). I also have different stickers on other shadows, so I think you have genuine product


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They're genuine. Note the very teeny weeny small print embossed around the base which says "Make-up art cosmetics ltd". Fakers aren't yet using accurate copies of eye shadow pots with this detail.


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Another sure fire way to check authenticity is by the texture of the inside flap on the MAC box itself.

When you pull open the tab to remove the product, there should be two perforated half circles that stick out on the tab, if you run your finger along the insert you should feel the two slightly raised bumps.

The replicas DO NOT have these two raised bumps on the side of the package. At the factory authentic MAC boxes are ripped off of a huge sheet containing many boxes, they are held together by a few perforated seams. The replicas are not manufactured the same way, therefor they will never contain the raised dots on the insert of the flap. For example i circled the two raised bumps in pink on the insert of the package of one of my MAC powders, this is what the authentic product should always have.


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I'm gonna have to beg to differ... I haven't been on this forum in forever, and brought up this same topic a while ago. The original picture was deleted but I think I bought from the same seller. And I think those eyeshadows with the different font ARE fake. JMHO. I wish Panda would chime in on this.