Different prices on the two Danse MSF's?


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I just noticed on my receipts - Glissade is ringing up at $24.00, and Lightscapade is ringing as $22.50. I made backup purchases today, at a different Nordstrom, and same thing - Glissade is 1.50 more.

Not that it's a huge difference or anything, I just found it odd. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?


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Same thing happened to me at Nordstrom and it happened to me last year with Lingerie too. I'm not complaining though since I saved a whopping $1.50 lol


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wish that was the case with mine but no, i paid $24 for each msf and i got 2 of each! so you got lucky, yay!


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Prices are changing on a lot of stuff. Officially it is after the first of the year, but a lot of the stuff is ringing up at the new prices already.

Today it was my job to price check everything to see what was ringing up at the new & old prices so we could get it fixed by the 1st....between all my customers, it took me all my frikin shift.


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i paid $31 for lightscapade b/c i bought it off the website and paid shipping hehe... but now i wish i would have just went to the counter and got it in case i don't like it.


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umm, i just checked nordstrom.com and glissade is listed at 22.50 while lightscapade is at 24. don't know why but wish i'd known that before i got mine at the store =(


Aww I got one of each shade and I just checked my recipt from the MAC store and both of mine were $24 You would think the prices would be the best from the MAC store over a counter. I hope they dont make a habbit out of this, $1.50 here and $2.00 there can add up. Has anyone asked about this? I am currious to know what the reasoning is.


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As of today, they are now $24.50 on the website. Actually, Lightscapade is sold out, so Glissade is $24.50. Yeesh!


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It happens, - when I used to work at Fields ( now Macy's) EL's Resilience Lift cream had an increase, of about 4-5 dollars, all over, however for some reason, Fields didnt imput it into the computer or whatever and all year we sold it at the same price as the previous year, while everyone else sold it at the new price, it kinda irked me as I worked on commission but it happens ...so if you are lucky to get the old price, -- shhhhhh.

However the customers were shocked when the new increase came and they got a shock at the new increase, it seemed like double - 8 bucks compared to the usual 4 - but they had been buying it at the old price and Fields never fixed it.

No wonder Fields kept getting sold over and over again, they couldnt get their act together and this was just one thing.