Dior addict lipsticks relaunch fall 2015


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Oh i love how sheer and glossy they are!

my problem is that 40 shades at once is overwhelming for me. that happened last time when they were revamped. I had the whole list and got so excited and at the end ended up with only 1 color.


I don't know where you live or if you have access to other regions, but if you like rosewood browns there are other numbers which around that.

722 True is something that is available in EU and is a bit darker than Tailleur Bar. I just checked it today side by side.

612 City Lights and 623 Not Shy as well are brown. I haven't tried those though.


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OMG I love Be Dior so much I wore it 3 days in a row! The texture/ formula is amazing so I went back to the counter today thinking of purchasing another one but I couldn't find another shade I loved. I don't think they brought in all the shades. :-(

Hopefully they will bring in more. SOON.


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I forgot about this section. Yes, I pushed the button.....the other shades except for Black Tie have hit the stores. As well as the Holiday stuff.