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Is that Asia Exclusive or their general spring collection? I like the two blushes! I like the eyeshadow quad with the purple shade in the middle (such a lovely shade) but I would never wear those shades.
The collection with the music notes is normal, the other one is asia.

So the blushes you're saying are normal collection.


I do get pissed about those asian exclusives. I want them, they're always so cute. A friend of mine who lives overseas told me those this year aren't as pretty as the photos make them to be though,


The five colours are going to be relaunched, again. The ones I liked the most except for one are going to be discontinued. Some of the new ones look pretty though.


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Finally got around to trying Dior Show mascara and I love it! No strong perfume scent like so many high end mascaras I’m allergic to. Great lush volume. I use it every day and will be repurchasing



Finally some swatches. It can be seen which of these are matte or shimmer or even glitter.

Might get the old teal and purple version after all, since the corresponding news look flatter.

Very interested in the gold with the black in the middle as well as the taupe one.