Dior Spring 2017

In Belgium they sell the pink blur powder and the coral blush.
It seems in The Netherlands, they sell the nude blur powder and the pink blush.


The good thing of course is this way I can get all of them.
Oh, and in the UK, the lip products are about half price compared to Belgium and Holland...


I bought the eyeshadow Blue Gradation today. It's very light on the eye - the two lightes colors give a sheer wash rather than a solid blue color. It's very nice, and I'm happy with my purchase! :)

What I'm not so happy with is the fact that the pink blush does NOT come to my country! GRR!. :(


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:flowers::flowers::flowers::kisskiss: Thanks my dear for all the info & pics!!! It's so helpful. I think I have 120947976386 pink blushes that look just like that LOL!!! Why oh why do they have to put glitter in any makeup! Very fine sparse shimmy is ok, but not glitter.

You're welcome:knuddel:

The pink blush is far from unique - just pretty to look at the ombre design. We both have countless dupes, that's for sure.

So far I'm not loving the powder, the glitter is annoying. I wish it was fine sparse shimmy! Hopefully I can make it work somehow:confused:.


Only pink powder over here, I am NOT amused. I'll try the flagship store, but I doubt it will be any different. I did like the powder though, very much.

Blue Gradation palette is very close to a five colour pan from the permanent collection. Coral Gradation palette is lovely.

The lip products are good enough, but I already had these colours in some way.

Nail colours, I enjoyed the dirty yellow and navy. The peach clashed with my skintone and the pink one is a bit standard.
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