Dior summer 2016


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Monsy, that looks so pretty on your skin! Thanks for all the info & swatches :heart:

That is so not right to just rename an old product :bs:


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sorry for the crappy phone photos but i think the loose powder is really nice. much nicer on skin then how it appears in the jar.


ok just did a little digging trough my stash and fresh light 002 (pinky one) is identical to Sunlight 002 ??? so they just renamed it and re-launched with this collection? it was part of the permanent range

they also had darker bronzy shade Sunset i think which i assume is this other one fresh tan 001 ???

So stupid

It used to be 001 Aurora 002 Sunlight 003 Zenith 004 Sunset

They are close, but reformulated. Whatever that means. These will substitute the others. Somewhat glad, I liked Aurora. I am confused as to why there are the other 6 bronzing powders though, then again i'm generally confused by dior's face products.


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Dior Summer launched in Selfridges but I cannot see the only item I really I am fond of here! I am afraid that the loose illuminating powder may not be released in Europe :(


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As Monsy said, it is the one the left and i can confirm it since i have seen it on the layout for my country as well (not a central one).
you are both so right!
I didn't see the powder online in Selfridges and that's why I was at first worried! But you are both so right! I was in makeup panic and I couldn't see the picture well lol!!!!


I got the quint Bain de Mer today. The summer look from Dior is as predictable as the golden Christmas look: A blue/turquois eyeshadow for the Riviera and a warmer, more subdued for the country side - add to that corail and pink lips and dark bronzer. Well, I'm all for it! :)

BTW. We got all four bronzers in my country - rather odd, since they all are far too dark for most women in my country.
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Dior Summer is up on nordstrom now! Picked up two manicure kits; confetti and the plum one :cloud9:!
I think thats it from Dior Summer seeing that powders are repeats! :scratch:

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