Dirty nasty old men!!! A bit of a rant..


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If you want to press charges against him, keep ringing the police and say nobody's here yet and if needs be go down to your local police station if possible and let them know, they often sort things out slightly quicker face to face.
Best of luck & be safe x


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Persist with the police (personal experience with them- they are really useless) ANY degree of touching is a criminal offence (without injury it would be a battery, it could be an offence under Section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and it would definitely seem to fit the exact definition). If it went to court since you are over the age of 16, unless you look so significantly younger that no reasonable person would think you were 16, it is highly unlikely they would try and push for the paedophile angle but the CPS might mention it and try to stir up the jury and the judge could reflect it in sentencing. Sadly they might (if you succeed in making them do something) just give him a slap on the wrists some of the forces are extremely bad (Leicestershire is awful as is Nottingham,Humberside and Northamptonshire but Northumbria and Staffordshire are apparently better).
It may be worth your while taking out a civil action in your local county court for Battery (trespass to the person) or speaking to a solicitor or a pro bono law clinic (many law schools have these).

I hope you get this sorted


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can you carry pepper spray in the united kingdom? mace is man-made with chemical components whereas pepper spray is naturally made from chili oils. it hurts like a mother fucker too.

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Originally Posted by kimmy
can you carry pepper spray in the united kingdom? mace is man-made with chemical components whereas pepper spray is naturally made from chili oils. it hurts like a mother fucker too.

That's illegal in the UK too...

Any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing" is a Prohibited Weapon, under S.5 of The Firearms Act 1968.

It's the same here in Canada; we are not allowed to carry mace, pepper spray, stun guns or anything of that nature.

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It really pisses me off that perverts are allowed to get away with this type of thing. I don't think I would have had the restraint not to beat on him!!


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Ugh, that story really bothers me. Some people don't deserve to be alive.

I get a lot of creepers trying to pull stuff on me. Especially when I was younger. I think they go a lot for the small and docile looking ones. Whenever I walk somewhere alone I carry my keys in my hand (they make good weapons when you only have seconds to react) and my cell phone easily accessible.

I've had several police reports done on guys that tried to grope me/wouldn't stop stalking me and it's really touch and go with them. Sometimes I get such great service and the police are amazingly helpful and nice and sometimes I get the complete apathy and the whole can't be bothered attitude. You just got to persist in trying to get action taken against these scumbags.

Though I don't recommend it, I used to carry a knife with me just in case...but I think that counts as a concealed weapon and might be illegal depending on where you are.


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As a Martial arts student and teacher I would recommend going to some form of self defense class. Most colleges will have contacts in the UK.

The key trick is good, but its so easy for a guy to grab your hand and get them out of your hand by pinning you against a wall.

There are also some great self defence podcasts that I listen to, and they tell you what to look for when you are being attacked and what to remember.

I know Pepper spray and Mace are illegal in the UK (Nearly everything is...) but I am pretty sure carrying around a very strongly scented impulse spray can (If there's a fragrance with ginger) isn't illegal if you get my drift


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Meeeeehnnn.. That's horrible!! Had it been me though, I was gonna kick his wrinkly old nuts till they fell off!!.. You said mace is illegal.. What about brass knuckles? Or something of the sort. My bf got me a set of brass knuckles which I keep on my at all times.. And I actually feel a little safe having them.. All five feet, 80 pounds of me.. :\ .. Lol.


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I won't even lie to you that freaked me out just reading it. It's disgusting. And it sucks that you can't have anything to protect yourself, you can't even rely on the law...


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Ugh I hate old men that look or are in fact older than my dad and feel the need to be perverts or say inappropriate things... Like no eww grandpa
I'm sorry that happened to you. That man was pure gutter! I had been harassed since way back into my childhood, and it wasn't always old men. I get harassed by old women also. It was because I had a popular mother who had plenty of haters and they thought they'd get at her kid. To make a long story short, these experiences have turned me into a hardened woman by the time I got to this age. Few people choose to mess with me these days.

If I were you, I would have stayed away from him when he started ranting. When he got close, I would have quickly moved away from him. If I had to run out of the place like a fool, I would. If there are obstacles and I can't get away from him, I'd make the ugliest face I can muster so he'll lose interest in me. If it still doesn't work and he's still coming at me, I'd scream something that'll make everyone look in my direction ("fire" is the most effective word). If nobody cares, I'll fight him in any way I can. When he reached you with his hand, you should have grabbed his hand and twisted it. Do not be afraid that he will press charges because that will only force him to explain to a jury why his hand was on your butt, what you do is clearly out of self-defense.

Again, I'm sorry it happened to you. It's not your fault and see this as a learning opportunity so you will be prepared next time.