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Need help!

Now that I've got those crazy, wiry greys I can't use Feria. I've been getting my hair color done professionally. Right now I have golden highlights with a dark blonde (it looks like a dark brown, but on the scale I think its one of the darkest blondes 5???). I want to color it myself, but I'm hesitant b/c I haven't done it in so long and I can't remember doing it when I have highlights. I know the highlighted strands are probably going to be lighter than the rest.

So my questions are these...Any US brands that are great? I need grey coverage (not a whole lot), I'm an NC20 and I want just a nice dark, pretty brown, but I don't want to change my coloring. No red and no blonde. I don't mind a golden hue but not blonde. I'm over the blonde highlights!

Many years ago, I used Feria to color my hair, it was wonderful. Hair colorists would ask me what I was using. So if you don't have greys and you want beautiful and cheaper diy home systems give Feria a try, you won't regret it.

Thank you in advance.

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