Do people still collect postcards?


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I used to be obsessed with MAC but now that I am older I don't really care anymore haha. Wish I didn't waste so much money on makeup I don't wear and can't sell.

Anyway, I used to save all the postcards that I received in the mail, would they be worth anything if I tried to sell on eBay?

Here is what I have, not sure if any are worth anything. Hopefully I have the names right or somewhat recognizable.

Summer 2007Summer 2008
MAC loves Barbie (small circle)
MAC lovesBarbie (regular looking postcard)
Viva Glam 4 squares with Lisa Marie Presley, Eve, etc
Holiday Collection (blue lace)
Untamed (2 different ones)
Plushglass and Mineralize satinfinish/skinfinish
A Muse (3 of them)
N Collection (?)
Holidays (red with a bunch of red fruit)
MAC Face
Colour ready
Hello Kitty
a mailer about the 4 color pallete
Be Lured (?)