Does anyone here speak chinese?


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It's my second language I've no idea what does the first part mean *shame on me, lol but '脑白金' is a health supplement according to Wikipedia, the second part is something like 'you're nosy'.

Maybe someone here whose mother tongue is Chinese will be able to explain.


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I think it means

"you need to eat Melatonin ( 脑白金) - which is a health supplement. and the last part means.. insignificant matter you also want to bother."


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I honestly don't think what you are asking to be translated is a sentence that makes sense..If you put it in any Chinese to English Translation chart that is what you get...


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It's pretty damn hard to explain..and my Chinese is pretty blah right now but I'll try my best...LOL

I see you need to eat *the health supplement*, you care about any little thing?

I don't really know but my dad says it basically means you're crazy for caring about the littlest of things..hahah

EDIT: okay dreamiez actually explained it pretty well lol


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Thanks a lot girls, I think it makes sense to me now.